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A Heartfelt Transformation: The MVOC Renovation Project With George To The Rescue


Some stories inspire us, and then some redefine inspiration's meaning. The transformation of the Massachusetts Veterans Outreach Center (MVOC) is one such story – a powerful testament to the strength of community, the importance of supporting veterans, and the transformative power of compassion and action.

Kathy, the heart behind MVOC, started this journey out of personal tragedy, driven by an unwavering desire to create a support system for veterans. What began as a telephone in a City Hall hallway now stands as a multi-building facility that provides veterans with housing, food, clothing, counseling, and a sense of community. The mission of MVOC is to address issues like PTSD, anxiety, and depression – challenges that often plague those who have served.

With the help of George To The Rescue, a home renovation show on NBC, MVOC transformed the food pantry into a space that truly reflected its mission. Local businesses and organizations also played a vital role in this project by volunteering time and resources to make necessary improvements.

The recent renovation of MVOC's facilities, particularly the food pantry, has improved amenities and created a brighter, more welcoming space for veterans. From efficient appliances to high-speed Wi-Fi, no stone was left unturned. But the real heroes of this transformation were BB&R Design Build, the construction firm involved, who coordinated the entire execution. They managed various contributors, handled significant aspects of the construction, and worked tirelessly to implement the design vision.

BB&R, the construction firm involved, coordinated the entire execution. They managed various contributors, handled significant aspects of the construction, and worked tirelessly to implement the design vision. Jane Barnes, the interior designer, brought a specific aesthetic eye to the project. She aimed to create a space that was not only functional but also visually appealing and emotionally uplifting for the veterans. Lighting was done masterfully to transform the previously dark and dreary space into a bright and welcoming environment.

The MVOC renovation project represents an exemplary showcase of collaboration, with multiple contractors and contributors playing vital roles and leaving their unique mark on the completed work. Top Dog Painting and Carolyn Granberg noticeably improved the visual aesthetics, making the pantry feel brighter and more welcoming. The warm oak LVP flooring installation by Revel Woods and Footprints enhanced the inviting ambiance of the space.

Paramount Woodworking and Janice et Se made significant furniture contributions, with the former donating custom-made desks and bookcases and the latter providing patio furniture. These additions not only improve the functionality of the space but also contributed to its design aesthetic.

The project also noticed the importance of sustainable practices. Along with Greg, National Grid conducted an energy evaluation and implemented energy-saving measures, making the MVOC more energy-efficient.

Comcast ensured the MVOC stayed connected, providing high-speed Wi-Fi across the facility. Meanwhile, BB&R Design Build and Kevin held the fort as the general contractor, coordinating and managing the diverse contributors and overseeing the renovation process.

The beauty of this project is not just about the physical transformation but also the profound emotional impact it's had on veterans and staff. It's a symbol of hope. It's about respect. But above all, it's about community and how, when we come together, we can create meaningful change.

The celebration of the transformed space was marked by a generous $10,000 donation to MVOC from National Grid, underscoring the ongoing support for the organization's mission.

Remember this story as an example of the incredible things we can achieve working together. Let's use it as a blueprint to build more such spaces – spaces of hope, dignity, and respect. As for MVOC, it stands tall as Kathy's legacy of support for veterans, a beacon of transformation fueled by compassion and action.


The transformation of the Massachusetts Veterans Outreach Center (MVOC) is more than a renovation project; it's a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and compassion. This journey, which began from a place of personal tragedy, has evolved into an inspirational symbol of resilience, hope, and support for veterans. The newly renovated facility provides residents with a bright, inviting, and energy-efficient space. However, this project is more than a physical transformation; its significance lies in its profound emotional impact on the veterans and staff, creating a haven of dignity, respect, and community. It is a powerful reminder of the incredible feats we can achieve when we pool our resources and efforts to support those in need. The MVOC is a beacon of transformation, embodying the compelling legacy of Kathy's unwavering support for veterans. The success of this project inspires us to replicate its blueprint in other areas, cultivating more spaces where hope, dignity, and respect flourish.

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